Call for papers

The International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN) is the leading annual forum on research at the intersection of networked embedded sensing, control, and systems design. Now in its 21st year, IPSN has been at the forefront of the development of today’s "smart" systems. IPSN brings together researchers from academia, industry, and government to present and discuss recent advances in both theoretical and experimental research on all aspects of networked systems of sensors and actuators. Its scope includes signal and image processing, information and coding theory, databases and information management, distributed algorithms, networks and protocols, wireless communications, collaborative objects, the Internet of Things, machine learning, mobile and social sensing, and embedded systems design. Of special interest are contributions at the confluence of multiple of these areas.

IPSN 2022 is part of the CPS-IoT Week, the premier venue for research and development of cyber-physical systems. IPSN is co-sponsored by both the ACM and IEEE, and it continues to emphasize research that bridges multiple research communities. IPSN is interested in all aspects of sensor networks, ranging from traditional topics such as networking to more recent developments such as embedded machine learning and computer vision.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Systems, Architectures, and Tools
    • Sensor data storage, retrieval, processing
    • Network and system architectures and protocols
    • IoT gateway platform architecture and services
    • Programming models, languages, and systems
    • Programming models for IoT ensembles
    • Modeling, simulation, and measurement tools
    • Operating systems and runtime environments
    • Discovery, coordination, and use of IoT services
    • IoT reliability, adaptability, and dependability
    • Technical assessment of emerging IoT standards
  • Algorithms, Data, and Theory
    • Localization, synchronization, RFID, and RF sensing
    • Data related issues, such as methods, tools, and analysis
    • Coding, compression, and information theory
    • Theoretical foundations and fundamental bounds
  • Applications
    • Applications in health, wellness & sustainability
    • Applications in smart cities and urban health
    • Experiences, challenges, comparisons of platforms
    • Sensor-enabled drone / autonomous vehicle platforms and algorithms
    • Outdoor, wide-area, or crowdsourced sensing systems
    • Wearable systems and data processing algorithms
  • Security and Privacy
    • Security and privacy
    • Fairness, equity, and transparency issues in IoT and CPS
  • Machine Learning
    • Machine learning and deep learning on sensor data
    • New hardware and system design to enable machine learning on sensor data
    • Computer vision for resource-constrained and mobile platforms
    • Novel embedded machine learning algorithms

In addition to the established Best Paper Award, IPSN 2022 may provide a Best Research Artifact Award to the authors who have contributed the research artifact that is judged to be the most novel, easy to use, well documented, and useful to advance research. Research artifacts, such as code, data sets, and tools, are highly encouraged to be submitted or made available simultaneously with paper submission.

IPSN 2022 accepts double-blind paper submissions which have not been previously published. Posted technical reports (ArXiv or similar) do not count as prior publication and do not violate the double-blind requirement. Submitted manuscripts are up to 12 pages, inclusive of figures, tables, and references, following the ACM primary article template. Papers are to be submitted at During the review process, the reviewers may anonymously communicate with the authors for clarifying questions.

IPSN collaborates closely with the IoTDI conference, given the proximity in research themes (both related to IoT) and the co-location in CPS-IoT Week. We provide submission guidelines to aid prospective authors with the conference venue selection. In the meantime, we would like to make explicit that double submission remains prohibited under ACM's policy of Prior Publication and Simultaneous Submissions. In 2022 and to foster a closer joint-community, we would invite quality submissions to one venue for publication at the other, in case we find fit and the authors agree.

Camera-Ready Submission Information

Please see the instructions for how to prepare and submit the camera-ready version.

Key Dates

Paper Abstract Registration: October 22, 2021 11:59:59pm AoE
Paper Submission Deadline: (Firm): October 29, 2021 11:59:59pm AoE
Acceptance Notification: January 17, 2022
Camera-Ready Deadline: March 4, 2022 (Instructions)
Paper Registration Deadline: April 8, 2022 (Registration)
CPS-IoT Week: May 4-6, 2022 Milan, Italy (Virtual)