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Your Time IPSN Day 1: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 Time (Milano) Time (Beijing) Time (Chicago)
CPS-IoT Week Opening 12:30 PM 6:30 PM 5:30 AM
Keynote: Cyber-Physical Traffic Control using Automated Vehicles: Distributed Sensing, Actuation, and Learning
Karl Johansson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden) Website
12:45 PM 6:45 PM 5:45 AM
Break 1:45 PM 7:45 PM 6:45 AM
IPSN Opening 2:00 PM 8:00 PM 7:00 AM
Session 1: Systems
Chair: Wei Gao (University of Pittsburgh)
2:15 PM 8:15 PM 7:15 AM
Vildehaye: A Family of Versatile, Widely-Applicable, and Field-Proven Lightweight Wildlife Tracking and Sensing Tags Sivan Toledo (Tel Aviv University); Yotam Orchan, Yoav Bartan, Sivan Margalit, Anat Levi, Idan Talmon, Ran Nathan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Yoni Vortman (Tel-Hai College); Frank van Maarseveen, Bas Denissen, Allert Bijleveld (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research); Wiebke Ullmann, Lena-Rosa Scherer, Jan Pufelski (University of Potsdam)
A Low-Cost In-situ System for Continuous Multi-Person Fever Screening Kaiyuan Hou, Yanchen Liu, Peter Wei, Chenye Yang, Hengjiu Kang, Stephen Xia (Columbia University); Teresa Spada (Columbia University Medical Center); Andrew Rundle, Xiaofan Jiang (Columbia University)
Eclipse: An End-to-End Platform for Low-Cost, Hyperlocal Environmental Sensing in Cities Madeleine I. G. Daepp (Microsoft Research); Alex Cabral (Harvard SEAS); Vaishnavi Ranganathan (Microsoft Research); Vikram Iyer (University of Washington); Scott Counts, Asta Roseway, Paul Johns (Microsoft Research); Charlie Catlett (University of Illinois Discovery Partners Institute); Gavin Jancke, Darren Gehring, Chuck Needham, Lex Story, Tracy Tran, Gabriele D'Amone, Curtis von Veh, Bichlien Nguyen (Microsoft Research)
DRLIC: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Irrigation Control Xianzhong Ding, Wan Du (University of California, Merced)
Break 3:15 PM 9:15 PM 8:15 AM
Session 2: Communications
Chair: VP Nguyen (University of Texas - Arlington)
3:30 PM 9:30 PM 8:30 AM
Placement Optimization for UAV-Enabled Wireless Networks with Multi-Hop Backhauls in Urban Environments Sining Yang (National University of Defense Technology); Dianxi Shi (Defense Innovation Institute, Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center); Yingxuan Peng, Shaowu Yang (NUDT); Bo Zhang (Defense Innovation Institute); Wenjing Yang (NUDT)
PCTC: Parallel Cross Technology Communication in Heterogeneous Wireless Systems Jialiang Yan, Siyao Cheng, Zhijun Li (Harbin Institute of Technology); Jie Liu (Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen))
SPARCS: A Sparse Recovery Approach for Integrated Communication and Human Sensing in mmWave Systems Jacopo Pegoraro (University of Padova); Jesus O. Lacruz (IMDEA Networks Institute); Michele Rossi (University of Padova); Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks)
Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of Wi-Fi 6E Interference on Ultra-Wideband Communications and Ranging Hannah Brunner, Michael Stocker, Maximilian Schuh (Graz University of Technology, Austria); Markus Schuss (Graz University of Technology); Carlo Alberto Boano, Kay Roemer (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
Break 4:30 PM 10:30 PM 9:30 AM
Session 3: Acoustics
Chair: Valentin Radu (University of Sheffield)
4:45 PM 10:45 PM 9:45 AM
Individualizing Head Related Transfer Functions for Binaural Acoustic Applications Navid H. Zandi, Awny M. El-Mohandes, Rong Zheng (McMaster University)
AvA: An Adaptive Audio Filtering Architecture for Enhancing Mobile, Embedded, and Cyber-Physical Systems Stephen Xia, Xiaofan Jiang (Columbia University)
MOM: Microphone based 3D Orientation Measurement Zhihui Gao (Duke university); Ang Li (Duke University); Dong Li (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Jialin Liu (University of Massachusetts Amherst, Dalian University of Technology); Jie Xiong (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Yu Wang (Tsinghua University); Bing Li (Capital Normal University); Yiran Chen (Duke University)
FaceListener: Recognizing Human Facial Expressions via Acoustic Sensing on Commodity Headphones Xingzhe Song, Kai Huang, Wei Gao (University of Pittsburgh)
Break 5:45 PM 11:45 PM 10:45 AM
Session 4: Security and Privacy
Chair: Shijia Pan (University of California - Merced)
6:00 PM 12:00 AM 11:00 AM
Secure and Authorized Client-to-Client Communication for LwM2M Leandro Lanzieri, Peter Kietzmann, Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg); Matthias Wählisch (Freie Universität Berlin)
Pairing IoT Devices with Spatial Keys Meng Jin, Xinbing Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
i^2Key: A Cross-sensor Symmetric Key Generation System using Inertial Measurements and Inaudible Sound Bo Wei (Lancaster University); Weitao Xu (City University of Hong Kong); Kai Li (CISTER - ISEP / IPP); Chengwen Luo, Jin Zhang (College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University)
Furtively Connecting IoT Devices with Random Noise Meng Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Yuan He, Yunhao Liu (Tsinghua University); Xinbing Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Your Time IPSN Day 2: Thursday, May 5, 2022 Time (Milano) Time (Beijing) Time (Chicago)
Keynote: Extreme Energy Efficiency for Extreme Edge AI: an Open Platform Perspective
Luca Benini (ETH Zürich and Università di Bologna) Website
9:15 AM 3:15 PM 2:15 AM
Break 10:15 AM 4:15 PM 3:15 AM
Session 5: Vision
Chair: Zhenyu Yan (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
10:30 AM 4:30 PM 3:30 AM
Vi-Fi: Associating Moving Subjects across Vision and Wireless Sensors Hansi Liu (Rutgers University); Abrar Alali (Old Dominion University); Mohamed Ibrahim (Carnegie Mellon University); Bryan Bo Cao (Stony Brook University); Nicholas Meegan (Rutgers University); Hongyu Li (WINLAB, Rutgers University); Marco Gruteser (Rutgers University / Google); Shubham Jain (Stony Brook University); Kristin Dana (Rutgers University); Ashwin Ashok (Georgia State University); Bin Cheng, Hongsheng Lu (InfoTech Labs, Toyota Motor North America R&D)
SelfieStick: Towards Earth Imaging from a Low-Cost Ground Module Using LEO Satellites Vaibhav Singh, Osman Yagan, Swarun Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University) Best Paper
EyeSyn: Psychology-inspired Eye Movement Synthesis for Gaze-based Activity Recognition Guohao Lan (Delft University of Technology); Tim Scargill, Maria Gorlatova (Duke University)
Edge-Eye: Rectifying Millimeter-Level Edge Deviation in Manufacturing using Camera-Enabled IoT Edge Device Zihao Chu, Lei Xie (Nanjing University, China); Tao Gu (Macquarie University, Australia); Yanling Bu, Chuyu Wang, Sanglu Lu (Nanjing University, China)
Break 11:30 AM 5:30 PM 4:30 AM
Session 6: Machine Learning
Chair: Carlee Joe-Wong (Carnegie Mellon University)
11:45 AM 5:45 PM 4:45 AM
VMA: Domain Variance- and Modality-Aware Model Transfer for Fine-Grained Occupant Activity Recognition Zhizhang Hu (University of California Merced); Yue Zhang (University of California, Merced); Tong Yu (Adobe Research); Shijia Pan (University of California Merced)
BalanceFL: Addressing Class Imbalance in Long-tail Federated Learning Xian Shuai, Yulin Shen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Siyang Jiang (National Taiwan University); Zhihe Zhao (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Wenhai Lan (unaffiliated); Guoliang Xing (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
YONO: Modeling Multiple Heterogeneous Neural Networks on Microcontrollers Young D. Kwon (University of Cambridge); Jagmohan Chauhan (University of Southampton); Cecilia Mascolo (University of Cambridge)
Using Ubiquitous Mobile Sensing and Temporal Sensor-Relation Graph Neural Network to Predict Fluid Intake of End Stage Kidney Patients Mingyue Tang, Guimin Dong, Jamie Zoellner, Brendan Bowman, Emaad Abel-Rahman, Mehdi Boukhechba (University of Virginia)
Break 12:45 PM 6:45 PM 5:45 AM
IPSN Demo Session 1:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 AM
3D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Power Network Electromagnetic Radiation Rongrong Wang (Nanyang Technological University); Zhenyu Yan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Rui Tan (Nanyang Technological University); Chris Xiaoxuan Lu (University of Edinburgh) 1:03 PM 7:03 PM 6:03 AM
An Underwater Sonar-based Drowning Detection System Lixing He, Haozheng Hou, Zhenyu Yan, Guoliang Xing, Lixing He (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 1:05 PM 7:05 PM 6:05 AM
DPP3e: A Harvesting-based Dual Processor Platform for Advanced Indoor Environmental Sensing Luca Rufer, Naomi Stricker, Reto Da Forno (ETH Zurich); Lothar Thiele (ETH Switzerland); Andres Gomez (University of St.Gallen) Best Demo 1:10 PM 7:10 PM 6:10 AM
Capuchin: A Neural Network Model Generator for 16-bit Microcontrollers Le Zhang, Yubo Luo, Shahriar Nirjon (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 1:15 PM 7:15 PM 6:15 AM
A Real Time Control System for Replaying Motion Data Margaux Edwards, Sara Khalifa, Margaux Edwards (CSIRO Data61) 1:19 PM 7:19 PM 6:19 AM
Towards Reliable Obstacle Avoidance for nano-UAVs Iman Ostovar, Vlad Niculescu, Hanna Müller, Tommaso Polonelli, Michele Magno, Luca Benini (ETH Zurich) 1:23 PM 7:23 PM 6:23 AM
Catch My Eye: Gaze-Based Activity Recognition in an Augmented Reality Art Gallery Tim Scargill (Duke University); Guohao Lan (Delft University of Technology); Maria Gorlatova (Duke University) 1:28 PM 7:28 PM 6:28 AM
Real-Time Teeth Functional Occlusion Monitoring via In-Mouth Vibration Sensing Dong Yoon Lee (University of California Irvine); Zhizhang Hu (University of California Merced); Quan Do (University of Texas Arlington); VP Nguyen (University of Texas at Arlington); Shijia Pan (University of California Merced) 1:30 PM 7:30 PM 6:30 AM
Understanding Internal Structure Of Hollow Objects Using Acoustics Deepank Agrawal, Soumyajit Chatterjee, Sandip Chakraborty, Soumyajit Chatterjee, Sandip Chakraborty (IIT Kharagpur) 1:32 PM 7:32 PM 6:32 AM
A Distributed Power Side-channel Auditing System for Online IoT Intrusion Detection Woosub Jung (College of William and Mary); Yizhou Feng, Sabbir Ahmed Khan, Chunsheng Xin, Danella Zhao (Old Dominion University); Gang Zhou, Woosub Jung (College of William and Mary) 1:37 PM 7:37 PM 6:37 AM
Question & Answer 1:40 PM 7:40 PM 6:40 AM
Break 2:00 PM 8:00 PM 7:00 AM
IPSN Poster Session 2:15 PM 8:15 PM 7:15 AM
SeatBeats Heart Rate Monitoring System using Structural Seat Vibrations Jesse R Codling, Luke F Cohen, Venkata Ganesh Kalivarapu (University of Michigan); Hae Young Noh (Stanford University); Pei Zhang (University of Michigan) 2:20 PM 8:20 PM 7:20 AM
Representation Learning from Multimodal Sensor Data with Maximally Correlated Autoencoders Fei Ma (Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, Tsinghua University); Weixi Gu (China Academy Of Industrial Internet); Shiguang Ni (Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University); Lin Zhang (Tsinghua University) 2:23 PM 8:23 PM 7:23 AM
An Experimental Localization Testbed based on UWB Channel Impulse Response Measurements Kai Li (CISTER Research Centre); Wei Ni (CSIRO); Pei Zhang (University of Michigan) 2:26 PM 8:26 PM 7:26 AM
Machine Learning-based Models for Phase-Difference-of-Arrival Measurements Using Ultra-Wideband Transceivers Leo Botler (Graz University of Technology); Milot Gashi (Pro2Future); Konrad Diwold (Pro2Future, Institute for Technical Informatics); Kay Roemer (Graz University of Technology) 2:29 PM 8:29 PM 7:29 AM
Towards Shapley Value based Security Risk Attribution in Sensor Networks Vladimir Marbukh (NIST) 2:32 PM 8:32 PM 7:32 AM
Approach for Remote, On-Demand Loading and Execution of TensorFlow Lite ML Models and Arduino IoT Boards Bharath Sudharsan (Data Science Institute, NUI Galway), Simone Salerno (Eloquent Arduino), Piyush Yadav (Collins Aerospace ART), John G. Breslin (Data Science Institute, NUI Galway) 2:35 PM 8:35 PM 7:35 AM
Accurate and Efficient Hybrid Indoor Localization using ML Methods Milot Gashi (Pro2Future GmbH); Leo Botler (Graz University of Technology); Georgios Koutroulis, Konrad Diwold (Pro2Future GmbH) 2:38 PM 8:38 PM 7:38 AM
Adapting Pretrained Features for Efficient Unsupervised Acoustic Anomaly Detection Zhaoyi Liu, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen, Danny Hughes (imec-Distrinet, Computer Science, KU Leuven) 2:41 PM 8:41 PM 7:41 AM
Embedded ML Pipeline for Precision Agriculture Bharath Sudharsan (Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland Galway) 2:44 PM 8:44 PM 7:44 AM
Selective Flooding-Based Communication for Energy Harvesting Networks Naomi Stricker, Reto Da Forno, Silvan Brandl, Lothar Thiele (ETH (Switzerland)); Andres Gomez (University of St.Gallen) 2:47 PM 8:47 PM 7:47 AM
Sedentary Posture Muscle Monitoring via Active Vibratory Sensing Shreya Shriram, Shubham Rohal, Zhizhang Hu, Yue Zhang (University of California, Merced); Phuc Nguyen (University of Texas, Arlington); Shijia Pan (University of California Merced) Best Poster 2:50 PM 8:50 PM 7:50 AM
Realistic Multiuser, Multimodal (IMU, Acoustic) HAR Data Generation through Single User Data Augmentation Soumyajit Chatterjee, Arun Singh, Bivas Mitra, Sandip Chakraborty (Indian Institue of Technology, Kharagpur) 2:53 PM 8:53 PM 7:53 AM
Offloading Crypto Processing with RIOT Lena Boeckmann, Peter Kietzmann, Thomas Schmidt (HAW Hamburg); Matthias Wählisch (Freie Universität Berlin) 2:56 PM 8:56 PM 7:56 AM
Polar Code-based Approximate Communication System for Multimedia Web Pages Aman Shreshtha, Priyanka Singla, Smruti R. Sarangi (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) 2:59 PM 8:59 PM 7:59 AM
Smart Irrigation Control Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Xianzhong Ding, Wan Du (University of California Merced) 3:02 PM 9:02 PM 8:02 AM
Residential Energy Management System Using Personalized Federated Deep Reinforcement Learning Jiechao Gao, Wenpeng Wang, Bradford Campbell (University of Virginia) 3:05 PM 9:05 PM 8:05 AM
Trade-off Analysis of Inference Accuracy and Resource Usage for Energy-Positive Activity Recognition Minh Tuan Tran (Queensland University of Technology); Muhammad Moid Sandhu (University of Queensland and Data61 CSIRO); Sara Khalifa (CSIRO Data61); Gowri Ramachandran, Raja Jurdak (Queensland University of Technology) 3:08 PM 9:08 PM 8:08 AM
IPSN Awards 3:15 PM 9:15 PM 8:15 AM

Your Time IPSN Day 3: Friday, May 6, 2022 Time (Milano) Time (Beijing) Time (Chicago)
Session 8: Frameworks
Chair: Meng Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
12:15 PM 6:15 PM 5:15 AM
Eliminating Design Effort: A Reconfigurable Sensing Framework For Chipless, Backscatter Tags Wenli Jiao, Ju Wang, Yelu He, Xiangdong Xi, Fuwei Wang, Dingyi Fang, Xiaojiang Chen (Northwest University)
An Energy Supervisor Architecture for Energy-harvesting Applications Nurani Saoda, Wenpeng Wang, Md Fazlay Rabbi Masum Billah, Bradford Campbell (University of Virginia)
Break 12:45 PM 6:45 PM 5:45 AM
Session 9: Low-Level Radio
Chair: Chenren Xu (Peking University)
1:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 AM
One-Take: Gathering Distributed Sensor Data Through Dominant Symbols for Fast Classification Jonathan Oostvogels, Sam Michiels, Danny Hughes (imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven)
SmarTiSCH: An Interference-Aware Engine for IEEE 802.15.4e-based Networks Zihao yu (Tsinghua University); Xin Na (Tsinghua Univ.); Carlo Alberto Boano (Graz University of Technology); Yuan He, Xiuzhen Guo, Pengyu Li (Tsinghua University); Meng Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
EMU: Increasing the Performance and Applicability of LoRa through Chirp Emulation, Snipping, and Multiplexing Fengxu Yang (ShanghaiTech University); Pei Tian (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS.); Xiaoyuan Ma (SKF Group, China); Carlo Alberto Boano (Graz University of Technology); Ye Liu (Nanjing Agricultural University); Jianming Wei (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS.)
RF Information Harvesting for Medium Access in Event-driven Batteryless Sensing Vijay Rao (Cognizant Technologies); Sujay Narayana (TU Delft); Luca Mottola (Politecnico di Milano and RI.SE Sweden); Venkatesha Prasad (TUDelft); Suryansh Sharma (TU Delft, Netherlands); Niels Hokke, Nikos Kouvelas (TU Delft)
Break 2:00 PM 8:00 PM 7:00 AM
Session 10: Sensing
Chair: Maria Gorlatova (Duke University)
2:15 PM 8:15 PM 7:15 AM
MiLTOn: Sensing Product Integrity without Opening the Box using Non-Invasive Acoustic Vibrometry Akshay Gadre (Carnegie Mellon University); Deepak Vasisht (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Microsoft); Nikunj Raghuvanshi (Microsoft); Bodhi Priyantha (Microsoft Research); Manikanta Kotaru (Microsoft); Swarun Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University); Ranveer Chandra (Microsoft)
RFTacho: Non-intrusive RF monitoring of rotating machines Mohammad Heggo, Laksh Bhatia (Imperial College); Julie McCann (Imperial College London)
DeepAuditor: Distributed Online Intrusion Detection System for IoT devices via Power Side-channel Auditing Woosub Jung (William & Mary); Yizhou Feng, Sabbir Ahmed Khan, Chunsheng Xin, Danella Zhao (Old Dominion University); Gang Zhou (William & Mary)
Cappella: Establishing Multi-User Augmented Reality Sessions Using Inertial Estimates and Peer-to-Peer Ranging John Miller (Carnegie Mellon University); Elahe Soltanaghai (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); Jeff Chen, Vikram Bhat, Raewyn Duvall, Nuno Pereira, Anthony Rowe (Carnegie Mellon University)
Break 3:15 PM 9:15 PM 8:15 AM
Session 11: Potpourri
Chair: Rong Zheng (McMaster University)
3:30 PM 9:30 PM 8:30 AM
Maximum Profit Routing for Mobile Crowdsensing Zhiyao Li, Jiale Zhang, Xiaofeng Gao, Guihai Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Clustering of Trajectories using Non-Parametric Conformal DBSCAN Algorithm Haotian Wang, Jie Gao, Min-ge Xie (Rutgers University)
The Case for Approximate Intermittent Computing Fulvio Bambusi, Francesco Cerizzi, Yamin Lee (Politecnico di Milano, Italy); Luca Mottola (Politecnico di Milano, Italy and RI.SE Computer Science and Uppsala University, Sweden)
ScriptPainter: Vision-based, On-device Test Script Generation for Mobile Systems Yousung Choi, Ahreum Seo, Hyung-Sin Kim (Seoul National University)
Break 4:30 PM 10:30 PM 9:30 AM
Keynote: A Software and Hardware Architecture for Next-Generation Automotive Systems
Rich West (Boston University and Drako Motors Inc.) Website
4:45 PM 10:45 PM 9:45 AM
CPS-IoT Week Closing 5:45 PM 11:45 PM 10:45 AM

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